Martha Arzberger


A retired farmer/rancher, Marsha received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Northwest Missouri State University (With Honors), a Master’s in Public Administration from Arizona State University (With Distinction), and has completed some Graduate work toward a second Master’s degree in Political Science at ASU.  She was a member of the Arizona Board of Regents (1993-2000), Assistant to the Director for Special Projects, and focused on higher education research.  She coordinated the 2000 Higher Education Arizona Town Hall Background Report and authored two chapters.  She is a registered Medical Laboratory Technologist.

How Marsha has Helped Arizona

Marsha Arzberger was a true advocate for her community when she was in office. As a member of the Arizona Board of Regents, she served as the Assistant to the Director for Special Projects by focusing on higher education research. This allowed her to help pass bills such as SB 1381, which formed community colleges in counties that did not have them. She also fought for healthcare by introducing and advocating bills like SB 1126, which gave $3 million to rural nonprofit hospitals and clinics for capital projects, medical projects and dental projects.