Lena Saradnik


Lena Saradnik was elected to Arizona House of Representatives in 2006. In 2004 Saradnick was elected to Democratic Precinct Committee person. Prior to her involvement as a Legislator, Saradnick was a former University of Arizona Director of Special Projects-CHIP/Program in Integrative Medicine, International Tourism Marketing. In office Saradnick was part of the Government, Health and Public Institution and Retirement Committee.

How Lena has Helped Arizona

Lena Saradnik has had vast political experience as an elected Democratic Precinct Committeeperson in 2004, Pima County Democratic Party Executive Board Member and State Committee Member. This experience has helped her sponsor legislation like HB 2670 which would increase the school dropout age and HB 2685 which would allow a health professional to provide emergency contraception to a female rape victim if requested by the patient.