Celebrating Our Union Sisters

This Labor Day, we want to recognize and honor the Arizona List women who have been labor leaders and union members.

Many Arizona List candidates belong to labor unions or learned their skills at organizing on the path that led them to public office.

Unions help women in the workplace: they help us bargain for healthcare, protections and economic security, lifting all workers up, union and non-union alike. Things we take for granted like our 40 hour work week, paid sick leave, child labor laws, and much more come from the hard earned fights by labor unions. 

Almost 110 years ago, Mother Jones came to Arizona to support striking mine workers. In her speech, she shared why we should all know that unions are critical: 

“In fact I know that every man and woman here is a loyal member of the union. I refer to the United States, the union of all the states. I ask then, if in union there is strength for our nation, would there not be for labor! What one state could not get alone, what one miner against a powerful corporation could not achieve, can be achieved by the union.”

In honor of today, we want to give a shout-out to those with strong labor backgrounds: Betty Guardado, Athena Salman, & Nancy Gutierrez.

Betty Guardado
Athena Salman
Nancy Gutierrez

Representation is key in working towards a more equitable Arizona. We are proud of the diverse background and expertise Arizona List women bring to the table

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