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Arizona women determined to make significant change.

Sandra Kennedy

Sandra was first elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2008 on a platform of promoting solar energy in Arizona and as a fierce consumer advocate.

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Casey Clowes

Casey Clowes is running for Salt River Project District Board, At-Large 11 to ensure we have healthy, sustainable communities across

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Dr. Ashley Hodge

Running for SRP Council Division 5 District & Association Dr. Ashley Hodge, a South Phoenix native and third-generation graduate of

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Kris Mayes

During her time as an Arizona Corporation Commissioner, Kris Mayes’ leadership helped create tens of thousands of high-paying jobs, saved

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Katie Hobbs

As the Senate Minority Leader, Katie Hobbs led the Arizona Democratic Caucus in their tough fight against extremist legislation that

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Anna Tovar

Anna Tovar and her husband have been married for over 20 years and have two wonderful sons. She is a

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