About Us

Arizona List is a grassroots, full-service political team with a simple mission:

“To elect progressive, pro-choice Democratic women.”

Who We Are

Founded in 2004 by a group of women determined to organize and break the barriers for women candidates, we have grown into a powerful organization. We have the only Super PAC solely dedicated to electing women in Arizona and one of the largest financial resources for pro-choice Democratic women candidates.

Arizona List knows the best way to build a progressive America is to elect more pro-choice Democratic women — the women who’ll stand up and fight when our rights are on the line. Arizona List identifies races in which a pro-choice woman Democrat can win; recruits smart, viable and qualified women to run; and helps candidates throughout their campaign by providing the resources they need to organize, fundraise and communicate their message for a victorious campaign.

Our Accomplishments

Our accomplishments include:
  • Since 2004, we have helped to elect ​6​4 Democratic women t​o dozens of​ ​city, county​ and state offices.

  • In 2006, one of our city council candidates won a place on a Republican-only city council. Thirteen of our 14 state legislative candidates won! Our success helped gain 7 Democratic seats in the Arizona House and Senate.

  • Our previously endorsed candidate Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick became the third woman in Arizona history to serve in Congress​ and our previously endorsed candidate Congresswoman Krysten Sinema became the fourth.

  • In 2008, we endorsed and helped to elect the first woman mayor of Flagstaff, Sara Presler​.​

  • In 2010, we were the leader at the state legislative independent expenditures table with ​over $100,000 in independent expenditures and candidate support.

  • In 2012, with redistricting and intentional targeting, we picked up seats in new districts across Arizona for more women of color than had ever served in the Arizona Legislature in history.

  • In 2013, Arizona List launched Women Vote - a successful field program that encourages low-turnout Democratic women to go the polls.

  • In 2014, with a terrible national election and poor turn-out across Arizona, not a single Arizona List incumbent lost her seat.

  • In 2016, Arizona List has over 50 women candidates running across the entire state.  In Flagstaff in 2016, we helped to elect the first woman of color to become mayor in the history of the city, Mayor Coral Evans.  Almost 40 of our endorsed women won across the state.”

The Arizona List board of directors consists of some of Arizona’s top leaders, visionaries, educators and progressive entrepreneurs who are committed to a vision of a more progressive, pro-choice state.  Meet our board.

We have an incredibly dedicated staff of women who work tireless every day to further our missions. Although our staff is small, we accomplish a great deal. Meet our staff.

We couldn't do what we do without the added support of energetic interns who support our staff on a daily basis. Say hello to our interns!

Every quarter, we profile a different member from across the state. Each one tells their story and why supporting Arizona List is so important to them. Meet our Member of the Quarter!

Our staff and interns keep up with the latest news about our candidates and the issues facing our State and also our nation. Stay current through our news blog

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