A  quick and simple proposition guide

All of the Prop 100s are referred to the ballot by the legislature and are basically bad ideas that they are required to get voter approval for because they are constitutional changes. They are primarily to restrict the power of citizen initiatives (Prop 128, 129 and 132) 

Prop 128 (voter protection act; court determinations): NO 

Prop 129 (initiatives; single subject; title): NO

Prop 132 (initiatives; supermajority vote; requirement): NO

And to cut state revenue for the friends they choose (Prop 130)

Prop 130 (constitutional property tax exemptions): NO

 And create a double-party leadership structure taking away our ability to choose the Secretary of State (Prop 131)

Prop 131 (lieutenant governor; joint ticket): NO

They should all be no.

The Prop 200s are citizen initiatives – good ideas that citizens cannot get passed by the legislature. They deserve our strong support.

Prop 209 – Health Care Rising: 

medical debt protection if you are overwhelmed by medical debt

Prop 211 – Stop Dark money:

 disclosure rules for the hidden money in politics. Transparency is critical and we have a right to know who funds campaigns.

They should all be yes.

The 300s are laws that the legislature is giving to the people to revise due to the fact that either they increase taxes or they are changing previous laws. These are mixed:

Prop 308 (tuition; postsecondary education): YES

This bill is to undo an anti-immigrant piece of legislation passed in 1996. It would allow DACA kids who have been in high school in the US for two or more years the right to have in-state tuition. These students will stay in Arizona and make us a stronger state.

Prop 309 (voter identification; affidavit; procedure): NO

Voting is a basic right in our democracy. It should be free, fair, and easy. Creating unnecessary hurdles that keep people from the polls. Prop 310 (fire districts; funding; TPT increment): YES

One-tenth of a penny will ensure our fire district firefighters and paramedics have the staffing, equipment, and training necessary to protect public safety statewide.

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