We’re making progress for Phoenix. -Mayor Kate Gallego

Here are a few highlights from my address.

 Water Security

I vowed to make Phoenix the most sustainable desert city in America. On top of conservation efforts, Phoenix is investing in new advanced purification to recycle wastewater into drinking water by 2030. The plant will produce the equivalent of about half of the water Phoenix gets from the Colorado River each year, helping address our region’s water security and put our community on more sustainable footing.

 Jobs and the Economy

The Phoenix region is emerging as a semiconductor capital of the world. Nearly 75 semiconductor companies call our region home, which means high-paying job opportunities and new investments in technology and education. The city has also launched workforce training programs through our community college system so that our residents can take advantage of the growing technology and medical sectors.


Thanks to efforts to pass Proposition 400 in 2004, the city has been able to invest in street improvements, bike lanes and our light rail system. That’s why I’m pushing legislators to create a path forward to extend these important transportation investments. There’s no better jobs bill that the legislature can pass.

 Housing and Homelessness

Housing affordability and homelessness are pressing issues that require ambitious and innovative solutions. Our Housing Phoenix Plan, which aims to get 50,000 home units built by 2050, has already added 26,000 units towards our goal. Our city must also embrace recent technological improvements like 3D-printed houses and shipping container housing to help increase housing supply.

There is so much about Phoenix to be hopeful and excited about. We certainly have more work to do addressing our city’s pressing issues but I’m here to say the state of our city is strong.

You can read in more detail about my State of the City address here.

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