Stacey Travers

Running for LD12 House.

Stacey was born in the birthplace of democracy, Athens, Greece to a U.S. Military father and Greek mother. Coming from a family with a history of military service, she knew she wanted to serve her country and did so proudly as an electronic warfare Russian intelligence interceptor/analyst in the U.S. Army. After leaving the military she came to Arizona to study at the University of Arizona where she earned her B.S. in Geosciences and fell in love with Arizona. She wanted to further her education and left for England and postgraduate study at Oxford University. She moved to London where she met her husband, John and soon afterwards began working as a radio producer for the BBC. She moved back with the US and as a member of AMVETS became an advocate for veteran women’s issues and homeless and disabled veterans – fighting the corruption and fraud that is currently trying to disenfranchise veterans at the Pacific Branch of the National Home for Disabled Veterans Soldiers, a cause she is still committed to. Once she had her two girls, she knew the only place she wanted to raise her family was in Arizona, a state that prides itself on fierce independence, love of country and a strong sense of community.

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