Priya Sundareshan

Running for LD18 State Senate

Priya Sundareshan was born & raised in the LD18 district. She taught natural resources law at the University of Arizona, and previously advocated for sustainable fisheries with the Environmental Defense Fund. She is a voting rights advocate and has been leading voter protection efforts and engagement on redistricting within the Arizona Democratic Party. She studied engineering at MIT and law and natural resource economics at the U of A, so she knows we need more science-based decision-making in politics. She has a growing family and wants her children and all children to inherit a sustainable world. Priya is running for State Senate asa leader in renewable energy, to restore balance to our water supply through conservation and efficiency, and to improve our democracy by making voting easy and accessible to all. She has taken a leadership role with the ADLCC and also in the Mission for Arizona and Biden campaigns.  During this last cycle, she introduced the Right to Contraception Act and supported her caucus in standing against bad reproductive policy.

Learn more about Priya on her website here.