Suzanne Droubie

Pima Assessor

With over 24 years of combined experience as a property tax agent, appraiser, real estate agent, and customer service specialist, Suzanne Droubie has the expertise and leadership skills necessary to turn the Assessor’s Office into a valuable resource for the constituents of Pima County. As the only candidate with experience in the Assessor’s Office and the private sector, Suzanne has a perspective that is unique to her, which will allow her to ensure fairness to all taxpayers of Pima County. She plans to bring transparency to the office by establishing trust with the community through new lines of communication, and will work to ensure equitable values by applying available tax exemptions wherever they are eligible, so that no one is forced to pay more than their fair share. Suzanne is a lifelong progressive who has fought for equal rights for all, including preserving a woman’s right to choose and access to birth control. Her active role in the community includes serving as chair of the Pima County Animal Control Advisory Committee, being a P.C. for LD 10, and being an award-winning advocate for property tax legislation change. She is the first female assessor in Pima County’s history.