Kathy Hoffman

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Kathy Hoffman is a dedicated educator who is committed to improving educational achievement for all of Arizona’s students. She currently works as a speech therapist in the Peoria Unified School District and has spent her entire professional career in our public schools. Her passion for education arrives from personal experience in a diverse array of settings including bilingual education, special education, and volunteer work. As Superintendent of Public Instruction, she has worked to make public education better and more accessible to all Arizona students.

Kathy’s educational background includes a Japanese immersion program, which inspired her to study both Japanese and Spanish in college. While teaching preschool in Tucson, Kathy became interested in special education services. She completed a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Arizona as a way of supporting students with a wide range of needs, from bilingual students to children on the autism spectrum.

From Tucson’s Vail School District to her current position at a Title I K-8 elementary school, she has worked very hard to improve students’ academic achievements, life skills, and communication abilities. She prioritizes collaboration with teachers, administrators, specialists, and parents to provide the best possible solutions for students.