Christina Hernandez

Roosevelt School Board

As a South Phoenix native, I believe that our community should expect more. High expectations from my family, teachers, and friends were critical to my educational and professional success, helping me be the first in my family to complete a Master’s of Education. With over 11 years experience in Higher Education, I have had the privilege of working with students from working class communities like ours. At Roosevelt, I plan to set high expectations for the District and the Governing Board to enable our students to be more successful in their education and career.

EXPAND TECHNOLOGY FOR STUDENTS: Technology is important to prepare our students for quality jobs and educational success. I will pursue innovative public-private partnerships and other sources to fund new technology. I will encourage increased technology use in and out of the classroom. I will expand technology programs, such as Greenfield Elementary’s State-recognized coding program.

ACHIEVE A GRADE APPROPRIATE LEVEL IN MATH & READING: Our students must be ready for the careers of tomorrow. Those careers will require high quality math and reading skills. As a Board Member, I will give support to teachers with resources to raise the reading and math scores of all students. I will look to reduce class sizes and support our teachers and educational staff.

CREATE CIVIC MINDED INDIVIDUALS: Students are more likely to graduate when they feel connected and invested in their school and community. I will encourage students to participate in community programs by providing opportunities throughout the schools for student involvement.