Sharon Wolcott

Surprise City Council

Sharon Wolcott represents Council District 1 in Surprise Arizona. Wolcott received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Education from Indiana University. Before moving to Arizona, Wolcott represented District 57 in Minnesota in the state house and Senate. She was appointed to the Surprise Transportation Commission in 2008. By 2010, Wolcott was chosen by MAG Regional Council to serve on MAG’s Economic Development committee.

How Sharon has Helped Arizona

Sharon Wolcott has committed herself to helping shape the growing community of Surprise by focusing on fiscal accountability, sustainability and strategically targeting the city’s limited resources. She was Vice Chair of the Surprise Transportation Commission and served on the Economic Development committee. Councilwoman Wolcott was also the first to stand up and advocate for high speed rail for the West Valley and strongly pushed West Valley cities to unite in developing a comprehensive transportation plan that would include freeways, rail and bus service.