Katie Paetz

 Katie Paetz is an Arizona educator with 9 years experience in Arizona Public Schools.

Katie teaches music at Rose Linda Elementary School in the Roosevelt School District. Before that, she taught in the Creighton School District (2006). She has a Bachelors and Masters in Music Education from Arizona State University. Prior to running for Osborn School Board Katie has been involved in creating fine arts programs conducive to whole child learning, blending technology with classroom practice,  assessed and tracked the musical progress of 500 – 800 students over a multi-year period, provided feedback for the College and Career Ready Standards, early childhood education,and participated in Arizona’s teacher evaluation system. She served on executive boards within the The National Association of Music Education and the National Education Association

Katie has elementary and secondary teaching certificates and endorsements in music education and English as a Second Language Education and is currently working on her Early Childhood Education Endorsement. Katie is a participant in the Teacher Leadership Initiative through the National Education Association and a graduate of Emerge Arizona (a political training program for women).

Outside of her professional life Katie enjoys spending time with her family here in Arizona, playing her guitar and performing with friends, the ocean, reading, and cooking.