January Contreras – Attorney General

January’s entire career has been about defending our communities. A former county prosecutor and Assistant Attorney General, January worked as an advisor to Janet Napolitano. Coming back to Arizona from Washington D.C., she founded Arizona Legal Women and Youth Services (ALWAYS), a non-profit that provides free legal services for children, youth and women impacted by child abuse and domestic violence.

January believes that the Attorney General should serve the people, not special interests. We need someone with her background and experience fighting for us. At the Department of Homeland Security, January led the charge to establish the Council on Combating Violence Against Women. At ALWAYS, she regularly represents victims of domestic violence who would otherwise have no lawyer by their side.

January has worked as Assistant Director of ACCCHS dealing with health care. She has worked as Deputy County Attorney in Maricopa County as a litigator protecting families. As Assistant Attorney General, she dealt with the crisis of elder exploitation and abuse. With family ties in Tucson, Nogales, and Bisbee, a childhood in Mesa, undergraduate and law degrees at the University of Arizona, and years of work in Phoenix, she truly understands our state and its issues.