Janet Hernandez Ayon

Operations Director

Janet Hernandez Ayon is 20 years old and was born and raised in West Phoenix. Being a first generation daughter to immigrant parents, her hard-working parents taught her that personal success results from one’s efforts. Her interest in civic engagement started in 2010 because of the events that conspired after the introduction of SB1070. After witnessing the community efforts of Latine activists push forward change in the Arizona Legislature, it inspired nine-year-old Janet to do the same. Since then, she has become not just a strong advocate for voter education and civic engagement, but also for civil rights. But Janet’s efforts do not just fall under politics. During her high school career, she participated in and helped manage events that supported multiple communities in Phoenix. It would not be until her college career where she would return to politics and work with fellow students, professors, and community organizers to help promote voter education. Being a family oriented person, Janet never forgets why she works hard. For each award that she has received and for each accomplishment, she makes sure to share the joy with her family as they are the reason why she reaches for the stars.