Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

Board Member
Dr. Hiral Tipirneni has served her Arizona communities for almost 25 years. First, as an Emergency Medicine physician in the Phoenix area in high-volume, high-acuity urban, academic, and community EDs. After losing her mother and nephew to cancer, she directed her passion and problem-solving skills to evaluating and directing funding for cutting-edge cancer research. She led teams of researchers, clinicians, and patient advocates in the fight to treat and cure breast cancer, prostate cancer, and childhood leukemias. 
After the 2016 Presidential election, Dr. Tipirneni feared the ACA, and access to affordable healthcare for Americans in general, were at great risk of being dismantled. As an EM physician, she knew the impact that would have on vulnerable patient populations across our country. It was then that she first decided to run for the U.S. House of Representatives. 
Although she lost her bids for a Congressional seat, over the course of two election cycles she made the deeply conservative congressional districts competitive for the first time in decades. Dr. Tipirneni’s races in both 2018 and 2020 moved the needle significantly in the red suburbs of Phoenix and were critical factors in turning Arizona blue in November 2020. 
Her AZ06 campaign was one of the most closely watched in the nation, and it helped highlight healthcare-related policy issues, especially those related to healthcare disparities. It also underscored the importance of having more STEM professionals in leadership roles at all levels of government. Never have these factors been brought into profoundly sharper focus than during this global pandemic. 
As a woman, a first generation immigrant, and a physician, Dr. Tipirneni has made a compelling case for more diversity in elected representation. She is a proven problem-solver who remains committed to the health and long term well-being of her communities and nation.
She has lived in AZ for over 25 years now with her husband, Kishore and their furry kids. They have three young adult children of whom they’re terrifically proud, each of whom is pursuing a varying level of higher education around the country.