Connie DeLarge

Board Member
Born in Nashville, Tennessee, attended Tennessee State University and in 1978 moved to Los Angeles, California. Married in 1988 and the mother of two daughters. My political involvement started right before the election of President Bill Clinton. Attended Merritt College for Court Reporting until the earthquake of 1994 hit the school January of that year. I had stopped with any political involvement during the Clinton years and moved to Tucson March of 1994. In 2001, I decided to once again get involved in politics. Worked for DeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy and retired after 20 years. In 2006, the African American Democratic Caucus was formed. I was the Chair of the Tucson Chapter of the African American Democratic Caucus and elected the Chair for the State Caucus in 2021. Was appointed in 2016 as the Correspondence Secretary for the Pima County Democratic Party and elected to that position in 2018. I am on the Executive Committee for the Arizona Democratic Party for the state and elected as a Board member for Continental Ranch Homeowners Association In 2019.
My mission is to get our community involved in being educated on voting, running for office and restortng felon’s rtghts. Too-many times t hear excuses – I don’t know the candidates, my vote doesn’t count, and politicians lie. Right now the Six Pack is in jeopardy. What is the Six Pack – Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Fair Housing Rights, Education Rights, Equal Justice and Equal Employment Opportunity. Voter Suppression is on the rise, you have states kicking people off the voting roles, states making it harder for people to register to vote with stricter voter ID laws and that is just the attack on Voting Rights. Voting by eenie meenie miney mo will not work today, the stakes are too high. I am in this fight for the soul of our Nation and for the sake of our kids and grandkids.