Want to Run?

Are you a pro-choice, democratic woman, looking to run for office in Arizona? The world of political campaigning can be overwhelming and unclear—that’s where our team of experts will help you towards your victory! Arizona List's endorsed candidate program comes to your aid with our experienced political strategists, former campaign workers, and even former candidates. We are ready to help you win office!

Requirements and deadlines:

For requirements and deadlines, ​please contact Catherine Nichols at [email protected]


Arizona List is creating a network of people supporting women across the state. Our endorsement means we believe a candidate is worth supporting, either with time or money. People – including potential donors, volunteers and voters – pay attention to our endorsements in each election cycle and support our candidates. Also, endorsed candidates receive training, coaching and support from the experienced Arizona List political team. Once you’re an endorsed Arizona List candidate, you know we’ve got your back.

Endorsement Process

Our endorsement committee is a group of knowledgeable people from across the state, facilitated by our political director. We evaluate candidate’s answers to our questionnaires and conduct interviews with candidates and with other professionals in potential candidates’ communities. We are looking for viable qualified women candidates in targeted districts who are committed to raising money, running professional campaigns and winning. Once endorsed, we support our candidates with training, time and treasure - donations from Arizona List and our members across the state.