2018 Endorsed

State Races

January Contreras – Attorney General

January’s entire career has been about defending our communities. A former county prosecutor and Assistant Attorney General, January worked as an advisor to Janet Napolitano. Coming back to Arizona from Washington D.C., she founded Arizona Legal Women and Youth Services (ALWAYS), a non-profit that provides free legal services for children, youth and women impacted by…

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Katie Hobbs – Secretary of State

As the Senate Minority Leader, Senator Katie Hobbs has lead and continues to lead the Arizona Democratic Caucus in their tough fight against extremist legislation that harms women, children and families. As a Senator, she has passed important legislation expanding health care, protecting domestic violence victims and stopping cuts to education. As a professional social…

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Municipal Races

Lauren Kuby

Lauren Kuby is a 29-year resident of Tempe and long-time community leader who advocates for vulnerable populations, worker protections, and climate-change action. In 2014 Lauren Kuby was elected to the Tempe City Council on a sustainability platform intent on sparking collaborations between the City and ASU. Arizona List is proud to endorse her for a…

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Genevieve Vega

For more than a decade, Genevieve Vega has been a champion of progressive values. She has served in many leadership positions in her community and has dedicated herself to the causes of school funding, voting rights, and human services. Arizona List is proud to endorse Genevieve for Tempe City Council. Originally from Hawaii, Genevieve was…

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