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Our members believe in the power of women as candidates, contributors, campaign professionals and voters to bring about great change in our country. When women are involved in the political process, our democracy is truly representative. When women make policy, the needs of women and families are not ignored. When women vote, Democrats who share values and priorities win!

Membership in Arizona List begins with a gift of $100 per year – or just $10 per month. Be a part of changing the face of power in Arizona.

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  1. Your contributions are pooled with others, increasing our candidates’ fundraising strength.
  2. Your contributions help support women’s issues like protecting education, choice and the economy.
  3. You help increase the number of women in elected office.
  4. You receive information about issues and political activity impacting Arizona – in fact, by law we can only send you updates about our candidates if you are an Arizona List member.

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