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Arizona List members across the state help elect pro-choice Democratic women at every level to office. When you support Arizona List, you become a part of an eight hundred member progressive community working to change the face of power across the state of Arizona.

Our members support Arizona List through a variety of programs. At Arizona List, we know that every gift helps - time and treasure - and we invite you to support us today.

Essential to our ongoing efforts, our members come from Yuma to Flagstaff. They donate, they help candidates and they vote! Become a member of Arizona List or renew your 2016 membership.

Members of the Leadership Council help to change the structure of the political reality in Arizona. Their donations help identify, recruit, train, and elect more pro-choice Democratic women to office. Become a member of the Leadership Council.

Our events offer a chance to meet and interact with Arizona List leaders, our endorsed candidates, and elected officials. Join us at an upcoming event to get to know other progressive members within your community. Attend our events.

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Are you proud to be a member of Arizona List? Do you want to help make Arizona List even stronger so that, together, we can change the face of power in Arizona and make our state a safer and better place for all its residents?

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I’m writing to encourage you to join Arizona List a grassroots donor network supporting pro-choice, Democratic women running for office in Arizona. Modeled after the national EMILY’s list, Arizona List identifies races in which a progressive woman Democrat can win; recruits and provides training for potential candidates, and then helps support candidates through direct contributions of money, time from its members and assistance from its staff. Since 2003, they have helped elect dozens of pro-choice women Democrats to local and state office in Arizona. I urge you to join me in helping Arizona women get elected by becoming a member of Arizona List. Choose from several levels of support and you’ll receive Arizona List’s e-newsletter, keeping you up to date on the hottest races, inspiring events and the latest successes.

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