Tamika Wooten

Running for Maricopa County Attorney

As a practicing attorney for 34 years, Tamika N. Wooten has dedicated her practice to seeking justice in all three areas of the criminal justice system, where she has led as a prosecutor, fought as a defense attorney, and dispensed justice as a judge. She has proudly devoted her life to protecting children and families in Maricopa County. Tamika is a data-driven leader, skilled in solving complex issues with common sense solutions. Her approach to smart, fair, equitable criminal justice policies isn’t one-size-fits-all. She will enlist the power of innovations in crime prevention and restorative justice practices to invest in building healthy lives and communities, particularly for juveniles, veterans, and non-violent offenders with mental health and addiction issues. With nearly 3 decades of experience within the Maricopa County criminal justice system, and as a wife to a pediatrician and mother of two daughters, Tamika’s values line up with hard-working families of Maricopa County who want to keep our communities safe and make sure our loved ones return home every night.

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