Raquel Terán

LD26 Senate

Raquel Terán is a mother, wife, community organizer and lifelong Arizonan. For the last fourteen years she has been a vocal and active community advocate. Raquel mobilized Arizonans to rally against the injustices faced at the hands of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and SB1070 author Russell Pearce – resulting in Pearce’s recall and Arpaio’s re-election defeat. Raquel served as the Campaign Director for ISTANDWITHPP, a campaign fighting to protect the Affordable Care Act and women’s reproductive rights and was the Regional Director of Mi Familia Vota’s Education Fund, committed to increasing Latino civic participation through grassroots mobilization. In November 2019, Raquel, along with other state legislators from other states, traveled to El Salvador to see the impact of their abortion ban and to talk to women who are now incarcerated because of this abortion ban. She has gone above and beyond in championing reproductive health. In 2021, Raquel was elected chair of the Arizona Democratic Party and later in the year she was appointed to the Arizona Senate representing LD30.