Patti Serrano

Chandler Unified School Board

Patti Serrano is a lifelong Arizonan born of immigrant parents with a strong community upbringing. Throughout school, Patti was continually inspired by passionate Teachers, particularly one who exemplified a life of community building. Her educators did their best to meet their students where they were, acknowledging one cannot learn to the best of their ability if their basic needs are not met. Patti has adopted this approach in her leadership and professional career roles today. After starting her family, she chose to move back to Chandler. She is a proud public school mom rooted in the community. As a District Alum, mom, and community member, Patti has distinct ties to the District that continually remind her of how much she loves her District and why she wants to always do better by our schools. As a Mom, she ‘gets it’ and is ready to bring representation to CUSD that prioritizes the best education we can offer at our schools; for our children, educators, staff and community at large.