Natacha Chavez

LD22 House

Born in Guam, the daughter of an immigrant from the Caribbean French island Guadeloupe and a Navy Veteran, Natacha has lived in Phoenix since the age of 7. She has raised her two children in West phoenix for close to a decade.  Natacha first became involved in politics while attending Phoenix College at 19 when she started volunteering with the John Kerry presidential campaign. From then on she has spent her entire adulthood either volunteering or working within the Democratic party and nonprofits. She is running for the state house because she believes we need elected officials who will boldly stand up for issues facing our community. It is time our elected officials are diverse like our population and as a millenial Black woman and mom she brings her own unique perspective. Her main issues are public education, the economy, housing and food security, voting rights, the environment and many others.