Mitzi Epstein

Running for LD12 State Senate

Senate Minority Leader Mitzi Epstein represents our community full time, with a caring, collaborative, positive approach. She is a computer systems analyst who has worked for multinational companies including Olin Brass, and Citicorp. She owns a very small business called Custom Language Training. She was elected to the State Senate, after serving 6 years in the AZ House of Representatives. The Senate Democrats have elected Mitzi as Senate Democratic Leader. Public education is the heart of Mitzi’s vocation. She has co-founded local and statewide coalitions of parents, teachers, retirees, and business leaders to advocate for high quality public education. She served as a Kyrene School Board member from 2005-2008. As the Democratic Leader, she has led the Democratic budget efforts with a keen eye to improve funding for education, worthy wages for caregivers and state workers, and generally managing Arizona’s resources with fair and responsible stewardship.  In 2019, she established the bicameral  “Sustainability Workgroup” in the legislature to protect clean air, fresh water, and wildlife in a changing climate. Senator Epstein stands on the principle that every solution is better when it is developed with a wide range of perspectives at the table.

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