Lela Alston

Running for LD5 State Senate.

Lela Alston is currently the State Senator in LD5 and is running to be reelected so she can continue serving the people of central and north Phoenix. She wants to continue serving in the legislature because she wants to secure elections and protect voting rights, protect reproductive freedom, and reform the out-of-control ESA vouchers that are draining funding from public schools.

As the state senator, she has secured $150 million to the Housing Trust Fund to address homelessness and the housing crisis. She has increased funding for veteran’s services. She sponsored a bill that would require schools to use textbooks that don’t discriminate based on sex, sexual orientation, disabilities, race, and religion. She has also increased the Kinship Foster care monthly stipend from $75 to $300. This year she has put forth a bill to raise it to $600.

She is a Phoenix native and attended Adams/Grace Court Elementary and went on to graduate from Phoenix Union High School. As a product of public education, she strongly believes in and credits Arizona’s kindergarten through university educational system for making the difference in her ability to help others.

She earned her bachelor’s degree at University of Arizona in three years and later received her master’s from Arizona State University while teaching full time in the Phoenix Union High School District. She was elected to the PUHSD Governing Board in November of 2008, continuing her service to Phoenix students and families after teaching in the district for 34 years.

In 1976, she was elected to the Arizona State Senate where she served on the appropriations committee for 18 years. In her 32 years at the legislature, she has been on the appropriations committee and has focused on supporting programs designed to strengthen the education system and improve health care for children and families.

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