Laura Metcalfe


Laura Metcalfe is an educator with a strong CTE background who previously taught at East Valley Institute of Technology. She has lived in District 5 for nearly 30 years, and currently serves as a district-level administrator for a charter school system located in Phoenix, AZ. She has 27 years of progressively responsible education experience to bring to the EVIT board. 

Laura is passionate about solving the severe shortage of qualified employees who can enter the trades. Construction, automotive, welding, medical careers, and other such industries are suffering from a lack of highly motivated and qualified employees. EVIT is a prime opportunity for adults and high school students to get this necessary education and training to enter these lifelong occupational areas. Not all students want to or can go to college, or if they do

decide to attend college, working in an occupation that will pay above minimum wage is important. She believes in the difference EVIT can make. Laura is running to make a difference to support kids, families, and communities.