Jennifer Pawlik

LD13 House

Representative Jennifer Pawlik is a native Arizonan with a background in education.  She was an elementary school teacher for seventeen years, and now she teaches part-time in the teacher preparation program for Northern Arizona University at the Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Representative Pawlik was elected in 2018 as the first Democrat and the first woman to represent district seventeen at the Arizona House of Representatives.  She currently serves as the Ranking Member of the House Education Committee and is a member of the House Judiciary Committee.  She has had the opportunity to serve on interim or ad hoc committees for dyslexia, alternative assessment, and religious freedom and nondiscrimination. She participates in the Latino caucus and the Community and Legislative Partners in Aging. When she isn’t at the capitol, Representative Pawlik enjoys visiting schools, businesses, and organizations to learn about the challenges and successes happening in the community.  She enjoys volunteering and looks forward to helping with the Operation Back to School backpack drive that benefits local children each summer.