Haley Creighton

Running for LD7 Senate

Haley (they/she) was born and raised in Chandler, Arizona and moved to Flagstaff six years ago to attend NAU. She is the current Northern Regional Director for the Arizona Students’ Association, where she spends her days registering and encouraging college students to vote, advocating at the state legislature for issues like abortion access and free higher education, and training the next generation of student leaders. She was also the campaign manager for Kyle Nitschke, who ran for State Senate in 2022. Haley is the child of educators who has seen firsthand the need in this state for public education funding and support for our teachers and students. They are a queer 24-year-old who has been to more protests than anyone their age should have to in order to fight for their right to exist. They are a person who can get pregnant who was forced to watch as the Supreme Court took away the right to our bodies. But most importantly, they are someone who has vowed to fight for change in the state they love and to prove that people like them (young, queer, progressive, woman-adjacent people) deserve to be in the place where decisions are made in Arizona.

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