Fern Ward

Laveen School Board

Fern Ward has been a Laveen resident since 1982 and is committed to making her community the best it can be. She currently serves on the Laveen Elementary School Governing Board, Laveen Fire Board, Maricopa County Board of Adjustment, Urban Farming Education Board, South Phoenix Laveen Chamber, Laveen Baseball League and several ad-hoc organizations and committees. She is the former LD27 Chairperson and was a member of the Maricopa County Democratic Party Executive Board. Fern was instrumental in organizing the Laveen Community Action Group (LCAC); a compilation of political, faith based, educational, business, non-profit, and neighborhood groups coming together to provide for the Laveen community. Thanks to the LCAC more than 1,600 boxes of food per month were distributed in 2021, and daily COVID testing and vaccine clinics are operating out of the Laveen Education Center Office. In 2020, Fern organized the Facebook page “Adopt A Senior” and had more than 2,000 local high school seniors “adopted” and celebrated by neighbors and strangers in lieu of a formal high school graduation due to the pandemic. Fern is retired from American Airlines/US Airways/ America West and also a retired Teamster.  She is dedicated to the Laveen community and investing in the next generation through quality public education.