Erika De La Rosa

Phoenix Elementary School Board

Erika De La Rosa is a dedicated public servant with strong roots in Phoenix Elementary School District. After her family arrived in Phoenix from Mexico, Erika attended Capitol Elementary, where she learned to speak English. She saw her parents’ struggle through a language barrier to engage with the school system while working to support her. Her father told her, “High education equals high life.” She took that advice and worked toward her own American dream. She earned an associate degree in Computer Information Technology and Systems, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and an MBA. She completed the Valle del Sol Hispanic Leadership Institute and the New American Leaders program. She has had a 15-year career with the City of Phoenix, including the Library Department, Phoenix Convention Center, Department of Planning, and now works for the Phoenix Police Department where she oversees systems applications. Erika also founded Zapaninos, a non-profit that focuses on giving shoes to low-income families. Zapaninos has partnered with local schools to meet the needs of Phoenix families as well as national organizations to help disaster victims.