Cindy Hans

Cindy has lived in Arizona since 1988, raising three children, all public-school graduates. Her career was spent primarily as a teacher, assistant principal and principal. After retiring in 2017, she focused on strengthening our democracy, volunteering with the League of Women Voters and the Elections Department as a Deputy Registrar, and being an election worker. She has spent multiple summers gathering signatures for Save Our Schools on behalf of school funding. The petitions’ popularity proves the vast majority of Arizonans prefer successful and well-funded schools. She also worked on Stop Dark Money Campaigns to shine a light on the dark money that influences our elections. She has experience in the two areas not well represented in our legislature. The only solution is to elect a new legislature. She is running to support public school funding and bring accountability and transparency to charter schools, protect the broad access to voting, and represent all who want government out of their healthcare decisions.