Brandy Reese

Running for LD13 House.

Brandy Reese is a forensic scientist, retired law enforcement officer, education advocate and mom. Brandy earned her Chemistry degree then analyzed physical evidence from crime scenes as a Criminalist with Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for 14 years. She provided expert testimony – always ensuring the facts of the case were told accurately so justice was served. Brandy lives in the East Valley and first got involved in politics during the “Red for Ed” movement when educators were advocating for better pay and work conditions. She was then proud to stand with educators during the “Invest In Ed” initiative to support our neighborhood schools. Brandy has advocated for local Arizonans’ needs at our Capitol, worked with education groups to better serve our students, and rallied against gun violence and being stripped of our freedoms. With the extreme MAGA candidates now running in Arizona, there are significant implications for what happens in our state. As someone who has spent summers out in the Arizona heat collecting signatures to fight bad legislation, Brandy knows it is time to instead elect people who will create good legislation. 

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