Athena Salman

LD8 House

Athena was born in Arizona to a diverse working family and attended public schools with educators who cared deeply about their students. However, from the early 1990s into the 2000s Athena experienced what many Arizona children continue to confront today: a public education system that has been shortchanged for decades by corrupt politicians. Athena earned degrees in Economics and Political Science from Arizona State University, where she began her career in community organizing and advocating for the public interest. She has worked for Girl Scouts, First Things First, and Central Arizonans for a Sustainable Economy. Athena now serves in the Arizona House of Representatives where she routinely takes powerful institutions head on in order to protect the rights that serve as the foundation of our dignity and humanity. She has successfully passed legislation to protect incarcerated women — including guaranteeing menstrual hygiene products and banning the shackling of pregnant women. She has opposed countless tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy, while fighting vigorously for our public schools. She also is a lead member in the legislature fighting for reproductive freedom and justice. Her advocacy as a public servant has led to numerous acclamations, including the City of Tempe’s MLK Diversity Award and Arizona Republic’s Top Ten Newsmakers to Watch.