Wendy Davis came to Inspire

“What it Takes to Run as a Woman” was held at the beautiful home of Renee Morton, a long-time Arizona List Board member. Those in attendance heard speeches from statewide candidates Katie Hobbs, January Contreras, Kathy Hoffman and our keynote speaker, Wendy Davis, who came to national attention due to her historic filibuster against an anti-abortion bill in the state of Texas.

The evening began with January Contreras, running for Attorney General of Arizona, who reaffirmed her commitment to accountability and standing up for the people of Arizona against special interests. Arizona State Senate Minority Leader Katie Hobbs, running to become Arizona’s next Secretary of State, vowed to protect every citizen’s right to vote and bring competency back to the office and restore confidence in Arizona’s elections. Kathy Hoffman, a speech therapist in the Peoria School District, spoke of her experience in special education and helping her students receive the support they needed in order to succeed in school. Kathy’s experience influenced her decision to run for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Her objective is to ensure that every public school student in Arizona is given an equal opportunities.

The keynote speaker of the evening was Wendy Davis. Her heartfelt and riveting speech summarized details of her life which helped underscore what is truly at stake when it comes to women’s healthcare. She mentioned how her own state of Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world due to Texas Senate Bill 5 which forced multiple providers to close their doors in 2013 and has limited access to women’s healthcare.

It is imperative to support organizations like Arizona List and female pro-choice candidates, who fight not only to prevent such legislation, and to create a better future for the women of Arizona. We need to elect more women!

Lucia Wrenn, Arizona List Intern

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