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Of course the Arizona Daily Star can endorse any candidate they believe to be ​best suited for the Arizona House of Representatives.  With that said​, let us be frank, an incumbent legislator such as Victoria Steele has accomplished more than is implied by a single phrase at the end of an editorial​ about the district she served for two years:  “Victoria Steele, the Democratic House incumbent, and Friese share many of the same viewpoints.”​


​When you search Representative Victoria Steele’s name on the Daily Star’s own website, her name pops up 141 times in articles about her multiple accomplishments in the last legislative cycle such as the $250,000 appropriation she got into the state budget for the Mental Health First Aid Program; her strong stance for children during the CPS scandal; or her Legislative Leadership Award from the Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy at Arizona State University.


We find it disgraceful that the editorial board was so completely dismissive to a qualified elected woman in office. (While we note that in another editorial published on the same day, a male representative who served for less than one month had an entire column devoted to his activities.)​

We support the Daily Star’s right to choose, but ​as voters in Arizona who depend on the paper to evaluate fairly we​ publicly call them out for not having the decency to ​cite even one sentence about the accomplishments of an excellent representative who has served her district effectively for the last two years.

Stand with us and let the Daily Star know dropping a name is not enough – Sign our Petition.

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