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Jennifer Granholm

“We’re either at the table, or we’re on the menu.”


These words, spoken by Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan and keynote speaker at the recent 2014 Arizona Democratic Party Heritage Dinner, truly struck a chord with me. At the time, she was speaking about the importance of an active Democratic voice on a national scale, but her words can be easily applied to the struggles of women. Lately it seems like we’ve been on the menu.

Let’s make a list of offenses: there’s the Supreme Court’s recent decision in favor of Hobby Lobby (check out Intern Parya’s blog about it here), the somehow still prevalent gender pay gap, the criticism and doubt directed at Hillary Clinton for being “too old” and “too emotional” to be a viable president, and the pervasive attitudes of sexual harassment and violence in our culture. And that’s just for starters.

So how can we get off the menu and demand more rightful places at the table — making our own decisions about our own reproductive rights, making sure our voices are heard?

The simplest, easiest way is to vote – vote more women into office where they can represent our interests, our passions, and our rights. We need more inspirational, strong women leaders like Jennifer Granholm – and like Arizona List’s 42 amazing candidates this cycle – who rallied the troops for change two weeks ago at the Heritage Dinner. Arizona List is committed to doing just this – helping pro-choice, Democratic women get elected to make a difference. In this year’s elections, let’s do our part to get them a well-deserved seat at the table!

Remember, today at midnight, Monday, July 28th is the last day to register to vote in the Primary Election. To be able to vote in the Democratic Primary, you either must be a registered Democrat, or you must request a Democratic ballot by mail from your county clerk’s office by August 15th if you are registered as an Independent. You can also ask for one at the polls on August 26th as a registered Independent. If you aren’t registered, you can go to, or visit the Democratic Party office nearest to you to register. Join Arizona List in supporting progressive women, electing them to office, and making sure we’re not on the menu! For every new or renewing member through the month of August, Arizona List will receive a 100% matched contribution! Will you support our candidates today?

Don’t forget to register or update your information, and be sure to vote in the Primary Election – mail-in ballots are going out this week for the August 26th Primary. Many of our candidates will depend on this election to continue on to the General Election in November, so share the importance of the Primary Election and encourage your friends to vote. As Jennifer Granholm would say, “suit up!” and do your part to create progressive change for Arizona women!


-Kristin Park, Intern

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