Hobby Lobby, Wheaton College, Who’s Next?

Under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, the Health and Human Services Department issued a regulation requiring employers to offer women’s preventive health insurance coverage, including 20 forms of contraception. On June 30th, in a 5-4 ruling, the court ruled that closely-held, profit-making corporations, such as Hobby Lobby, controlled by religious families cannot be required to pay for contraception coverage for their female workers if it violates their religious beliefs.

On the eve of our national independence day, despite the fervent objection of the three female justices, the court once again ruled for the favor of religious objections mandated over a woman’s right to have contraceptive coverage – this time for the Evangelical, Wheaton College.

“We continue to believe that a college community that affirms the sanctity of human life from conception to the grave should not be coerced by the government into facilitating the provision of abortion-inducing drugs,” said Wheaton president Philip Ryken.

 As exemplified by the Wheaton College President, Philip Ryken, our nation has fallen under a habitual pattern of political and official men in power making drastic declarations and decisions on the rights to a woman’s body, health and freedom of choice. The unjust 3-6 female to male ratio of the Supreme Court is the perfect example of why women are not properly represented; thus, benefited by federal laws mandated by a majority religious male Supreme Court.

These Supreme Court rulings are leading the way to a future where the rights to a woman’s reproductive system, and even more importantly, healthcare in general, are in the hands of a majority male, self-righteous, non-progressive Supreme Court which has made it abundantly clear that they are against a woman’s right to choose how her body should be treated.

This is why it is imperative, more than ever, to get involved and help elect more progressive, pro-choice women to be the voice and the vote that is for our best interest. Arizona List has one simple mission: to elect progressive, pro-choice Democratic women.  Join us in making our mission come true for the future of our mothers, sisters and daughters – for the future of a woman’s choice.


-Parya Parvizi, Arizona List Intern

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