Dem women win big in AZ primary

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Democratic women are big winners in Arizona primary

Phoenix, AZ – A majority of contested legislative races in Arizona’s Democratic primary election yesterday were won by women candidates who will go on to face Republican challengers this fall.
Jeff Rogers, chair of the Pima County Democratic Party, said, “While Republicans are declaring war on women, Democrats are putting more women warriors in the field.”
Arizona List, the largest organization working to elect Democratic women to state and local office in Arizona, is supporting a record 24 legislative candidates this year. All 11 women they supported in yesterday’s contested primary races have won: Victoria Steele, Stefanie Mach, Mohur Sidwha, Debbie McCune-Davis, Katie Hobbs, Lela Alston, Charlene Fernandez, Lisa Otondo, Olivia Cajero-Bedford, Leah Landrum-Taylor and Emily Verdugo.
Executive director of Arizona List, Kelly Fryer, said, “People in Arizona are tired of politicians who spend more time regulating women’s health and restricting women’s choices than they do tackling the real challenges this state faces. We deserve leaders who will get us refocused on jobs and education, solve problems and get things done.”
Arizona List endorsees who won uncontested legislative primary races include: Rosanna Gabaldon, Andrea Dalessandro, Linda Lopez, Sally Ann Gonzales, Angela LeFevre, Jo Holt, Barbara McGuire, Janie Hydrick, Jackie Thrasher, Tonya Norwood, Carole Lokare, Lynne Pancrazi and Pat Fleming. An additional 15 women have been endorsed by Arizona List in other statewide and local races.
Women’s issues are playing a significant role in this election season. Arizona Republican lawmakers passed the most extreme abortion ban in the nation, protects a doctor who lies to his patient about the condition of the fetus she is carrying and allows an employer to fire a woman for using contraception to prevent pregnancy. Paul Ryan, the likely Republican vice presidential nominee, has referred to rape as a form of conception. There is an absolute ban on abortion with no exception for rape, incest or to save the life of a mother in the GOP platform.
Arizona List is a grassroots, statewide organization dedicated to empowering, equipping and electing progressive, pro-choice Democratic women leaders in Arizona. For more information contact Kelly Fryer 520-327-0520 or [email protected]

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