What We Do

We are a full-service political team with a simple mission: to elect progressive, pro-choice Democratic women. We have the only Super PAC solely dedicated to electing women in Arizona and one of the largest financial resources for pro-choice Democratic women candidates.

Arizona List identifies races in which a pro-choice woman Democrat can win; recruits smart, viable and qualified women to run; and helps candidates throughout their campaign by providing the resources they need to organize, fundraise and communicate their message for a victorious campaign.

Arizona List knows the best way to build a progressive America is to elect more pro-choice Democratic women — the women who’ll stand up and fight when our rights are on the line. Our members believe in the power of women as candidates, contributors, campaign professionals and voters to bring about great change in our country. When women are involved in the political process, our democracy is truly representative. When women make policy, the needs of women and families are not ignored. When women vote, Democrats who share values and priorities win!


When our financial resources are pooled, we become a much more significant player with greater influence to help our women win elections all over the state. More women choose to run when they have solid financial support. The women you help elect to local and state office today will be ready to run and win federal races – for the US Congress and, who knows, maybe for the White House! – tomorrow.

Together we are changing the face of power in Arizona!