Current Candidates

Felicia Rot

Felecia Rotellini for Arizona Attorney General

Sandra Kennedy, Corporation Commissioner

Rosanna Gabaldón, House LD 2

Andrea Dalessandro, House LD 2

Sally Ann Gonzales, House LD 3

Olivia Cajero Bedford, Senate LD 3

Lisa Otondo, House LD 4

Lynne Pancrazi, Senate LD 4

Barbara McGuire, Senate LD 8

Victoria Steele, House LD 9

Stefanie Mach, House LD 10

Holly Lyons, House LD 11

Jo Holt, Senate LD 11

Janie Hydrick, Senate LD 18

Lela Alston, House LD 24

Katie Hobbs, Senate LD 24

Rebecca Rios, House LD 27

Norma Muñoz, House LD 27

Debbie McCune Davis, House LD 30

Candece Hardt, Cochise County Clerk

Celia Barotz, Flagstaff City Council

Eva Putzova, Flagstaff City Council

Lauren Kuby, Tempe City Council

Jen Darland, School Board TUSD

Adelita Grijalva, School Board TUSD

Stephanie Parra, Governing Board PUHSD

Click here to see a list of those who won seats at the state, county and local levels in 2012.

Interested in being one of our endorsed candidates?

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