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Join Us to Pay Tribute to Women Make Movies

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

This is an important fundraiser for Arizona List and its candidates. We’re encouraging everyone to buy a ticket and bring a friend! Patsy Mink is responsible for the passage of Title IX, which expanded education opportunities for young women.

To purchase tickets on line click here.


Great Election News!

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Sharon Wolcott Wins!

wolcottSharon Wolcott won 71% of the vote in her election to the Surprise City Council. “We worked really hard,” said Wolcott. “We are thrilled with the results…and the size of the results.” Wolcott, a former Minnesota state legislator and a long time political activist is now the first pro-choice Democratic woman member of the Surprise City Council. Arizona List congratulates Sharon and the residents of Surprise on their wise choice for the city council.

Dana Kennedy Wins a Spot On The Ballot in November!

KennedypreferredDana Kennedy was the second top vote getter in the Phoenix City Council race for District 6. Her 25% kept her opponent from winning 51% of the vote and forced a runoff in November. This is the only Phoenix city council primary that’s ending in a runoff, due to Dana’s hard work and Arizona List’s assistance. Dana was outspent by her opponent 5 to 1, but had the right message and worked hard to deliver her message to many voters. Dana needs the help of Arizona List members to counteract the “good old boy” network in Phoenix.  Make a contribution by going to

Get Out The Vote Walk in Tucson

Show up to walk for the Democratic candidates for Tucson City Council at the Arizona List sponsored Get Out The Vote walk on Saturday October 31. This is one of the most important walks of the campaign. Mark your calendar now to help push Nina Trasoff and Karin Uhlich over the line to victory. Please RSVP to to join us.

Both Nina and Karin are still collecting contributions under the Tucson Clean Elections system. Another Arizona List endorsed Council Member, Regina Romero, wrote a very moving appeal for Nina which you can read here. Make a contribution to Nina Trasoff at and to Karin Uhlich at

Arizona List Board Working For You!

The Arizona List Board heard good news at its second meeting in August. Our PAC war chest is ahead of where it was last year. The Board is aggressively working on creative plans to make sure Arizona List is a formidable force in the elections in 2010.

Help Us Fill The Loft on October 11

We are honoring the national non-profit media arts organization Women Make Movies at the Loft Cinema in Tucson on October 11th. In addition to a montage of Women Make Movies’ most controversial films, we will screen the remarkable story of Patsy Mink, the first Asian-American and woman of color in Congress who redefined American politics and was responsible for being a tenacious fighter for women’s equality. We can thank her for the passage of Title IX. This is an important event for Arizona List. We are marshaling the resources needed to provide extra professional  campaign assistance to our candidates who will be running tough campaigns in 2010. We can’t allow this miasma in our state house to continue. We must elect more pro-education pro-choice women to the state legislature next year and we need your help to do that.

Become a sponsor or be a host and help us sell tickets by clicking here. This is an inspirational movie to bring young women to see. Tickets are only $10. Think about sponsoring some young women to attend. Buy tickets by going to

Our Women Legislators Still Need Your Help

We need to support our endorsed legislators more than ever as they face the ideologically driven representatives who passed anti-choice pro-gun legislation this year. Because the legislature spent so much time in special session our endorsed Democratic women legislators have not had the time to raise the funds that allow them to communicate with their constituents. As you can imagine, this communications is vital to their re-election efforts in 2010. We are counting on our members to support our incumbents. Click here to see the list of our women who need your money and the addresses where you can send a check. Small donations make a big difference in this account. Please take a moment today and send a small check to one or two of our women.

Coming Events

Plans are in the works for a very special large event in Phoenix in the fall. If you would like to be a host for that event in Phoenix or to a host a house party please contact us at

A Message From Regina Romero

Friday, September 4th, 2009



Thanks so much for your support for my campaign in 2007. I hope you’ll join me in support of my colleague Nina Trasoff this year.

She’s a friend and a tremendous asset to our community. She’s strong and positive and knows that success relies on cooperation and collaboration. She gets things done!

Please visit her website and make a contribution to her campaign.

The extreme right wing of the Republican Party is trying to take control of City government, trying to assure that special interests will dominate the agenda.

They have targeted Nina.  Her opponent’s contributor list includes builders who destroy neighborhoods with their mini-dorms, car dealers who profit greatly from Cash for Clunkers but ridicule the President’s every move and speculators who created a housing glut that has destroyed home values for everyone in this community.  They don’t have our best interests in mind.

TODAY –  NOW:  Please ask five of your friends to contribute to Nina. She deserves our support.


Regina Romero

Join Us At The Shanty And Renew Your Membership!

Friday, September 4th, 2009

We have a fun renewal event coming up and noticed you haven’t renewed yet! Hear all about Cheryl Cage’s campaign to upset Al Melvin.

Help us make it happen! Your membership is still valuable to us!

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